Your PET Painted on Canvas.

Pet(p-eh-t): an animal kept for happiness rather than utility. Example(s):Horse, Chicken, Dog, Fish, Cat, Gerbil, Ferret, Iguana, Rabbit.

HANDMADE Pet Portraits.

unique. personalized. - gifts!

Dog Pet Painting

Pet Dog Painting
Pet Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait

Pet Portrait
Dog Pet Portrait

The Artist

Hey all! Ever since I was a child I have loved creating beautiful things that stir emotions within people. I've wondered how I could continue creating as a way of life and it wasn't until one day at the dog park that I realized I could combine two loves of mine into one great experience: The Painted Paw!
All hand done, paintings take about a week to finish and what you receive is the original itself. ^_^ I look forward to painting for you!

Dog Pet Portrait

Dog Paintings & Pet Portraits

- by Jaclyn